Basil is a great herb to add a punch of flavour to your fresh and cooked dishes. Basils smells like summer time to me. It is the most flavourful when used soon after harvesting. 


We've found the best way to store basil is on the counter in a jar of water, with a plastic bag over the top (which keeps it from wilting). Second best: wrap the bunch in a paper towel and place it in a plastic bag in your fridge. Be careful to keep the leaves dry: wet basil leaves willturn black in the fridge.

Cooking Tips 

Basil is a soft herb, and is therefore its best to add right before serving to perserve the most flavour. It can be added to fresh dishes like sliced tomatoes, salads and fresh spring rolls. It's also a lovely addition to your favour it sparkling beverage or cocktail. For cooked dishes, add this punchy herb to your pasta dishes, sauteed summer veggies, grain bowls or buddha bowls. And of course it makes amazing pesto! Which can be used for a variety of meals like pasta, on a grilled sandwich, brushed over grilled veggies and so much more!