This colder weather staple isn't something we grow a whole lot of but we do grow it's cousin Broccolini: which is spears of broccoli florets. Used in much the same way as full sized broccoli but with less chopping.


Store Broccoli and Broccolini in a bag in the crisper of your refridgerator. While it will keep in the fridge for quite sometime it does start to lose some of its nutritional value the older it gets.

Cooking Tips 

Blanched, steamed, grilled, sauteed, seared, or roasted, broccoli is best when cooked until just tender through the stalk. Overcooking broccoli brings out the not good flavor and makes it a dull, unappetizing color. When really fresh, broccoli is delicious raw. Be sure to eat the stem too! If the outer part of the stem is fibrous just peel it and enjoy the crunchy, sweet inside.  

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