Kohlrabi is tastes like a cross between a tender salad turnip and cabbage. Its super crunchy, which we love! If Kohlrabi is new to you we think you will love it too 


If your kohlrabi has greens remove them and store them separately, they are edible and great in sautees. The bulb or globe of the kohlrabi can be stored in the draw of the fridge or in a cold cellar and keep for weeks if not longer.

Cooking Tips

For the Kohlrabi greens: remove the centre rib and cook as you would kale in soups or sautees or smoothies.

But kohlrabi is really all about the bulb, start by removing the tough outter layer of skin with a knife as it is too tough for a peeler. Once peeled it will have an off white/very light green colour. You can cut it up into strips and enjoy with your fav veggie dip or hummus, add to salads, or use a mandalin to add to coleslaw.

If you're cooking kohlrabi roaste it was other root veggies in avocado oil (high smoke point) and a little salt and pepper. Or add to a stir fry, which makes it similar to water chestnuts, we find. It adds a nice crunch with a light flavour.  







^^^^Tip: add coconut milk at the end of the cooking process to avoid separation and only heat long enough for the coconut milk to get hot but not boil.