Okra is not a staple here in the north the way it is in the south but this fast growing pod is a lovely addition to many dishes and it has mucilage which gives it a slight slimy texture but is a great aid in digestion.  


Unfortunately, Okra doesn't keep very well so plan to eat it quickly. Store in a paper bag in the fridge, as it will brown when left in a non breathable bag like plastic.

Cooking Tips

The trick for delicious okra is high heat. If you’re not an okra fan because it’s too slimy, then try cooking it over higher heat and approach it with an open mind. 

Fried okra is classic, Okra also grills and roasts beautifully. Try slicing it diagonally, sear it in some oil in a hot skillet until brown, and then add chopped garlic and halved cherry tomatoes and let it all cook down until the okra is almost glazed.   

Our favourite way to eat Okra is in an indian dish called Bindi Masala 



^^^ Tip: we are growing the chilis this recipe calls for, check in with us to see if they are ready!