Welcome to our farm!

Cardinal Creek is a small-scale farm, and by 
small, I mean small, 3/4 of an acre doesn't
sound like much when you think of it from
the seat of a tractor but when you're
standing in front of it with a hoe in your
hand that 35000 square feet gets a whole
lot bigger!

What we have to offer



Harvest Box

About Us


Cardinal Creek Farm is a small farm near Aylmer, ON. We use regenerative and natural growing practices to bring nutrient dense and flavourful vegetables to our Community by way of our Harvest Box Program, farm stand and local markets.

Anne and Lambert Cook started the farm in 2020, neither of us grew up farming. We were both raised in the city. However, Anne's grandparents were farmers, and she grew up going to her family farm. While her grandfather farmed conventionally, her grandmother grew a large kitchen garden and so did her mother. So she grew up watching them cultivate and preserve their gardens. It was only natural for her to start her own home garden when she became an adult. That garden grew year after year, until she ran out of space. While Lambert didn't grow up with as much exposure to farming and gardening, he took to growing his own food very quickly. Loving the abundance and bounty from each plant, connecting him to his food and how nature gives it so willingly and abundantly.

So, in 2019 we started looking for our forever farm, it was a long search but we eventually found our little piece of paradise in a 10 acre creek lined horse farm. With plenty of hard work ahead of us, we set to work preparing the land and setting up our gardens and planting a small family orchard and berry patch as soon as the snow thawed. We, now, cultivate 3/4 of an acre of land and while that is only a small percentage of our land, we farm by hand, without the use of large tractors. We are a no till farm, and by not tilling, we are able to build fertile soil that supports healthy plants and nutrient dense food.

We have a love for good quality flavorful food, we love to cook and often offer prepared or frozen meals for markets and pre-order on our store because we also love to be able to share that food with others. Much of the ingredients come from our own farm and anything we don't grow ourselves we source locally and organically, as much as we can. Watch out for those products in the coming months. They are yummy and convenient!

Since we are such foodies, we grow varieties that prioritize flavour. We want the food we grow for your family to be flavourful, fresh, and nutritious.

Our Name

We are often asked where the name of our family came from, since there is no creek in the area with such a name. Cardinal Creek is an homage to Anne's late grandmother. When she passed, Anne saw cardinals often, and in the winter that we moved to the farm we saw an abundance of Cardinals on the farm. It felt like she was watching over us and supporting our transition to a new way of life.