Our Process

Cardinal Creek is a small-scale farm, and by
small, I mean small, 3/4 of an acre doesn't
sound like much when you think of it from the
seat of a tractor but when you're standing in
front of it with a hoe in your hand that 35000
square feet gets a whole lot bigger!

We chose to farm our land in a way that helps to build the soil year after year,
that helps add to the microbial life growing within it, and in a way that works
with nature, stewarding the land.

Carefully selected seeds

That we grow ourselves

And feed with the best garden food


Broadfork to lossen the soil


Tarps to control weeds before planting


We add organic matter

Cover the soil

Protect from pests

As our farm evolves we plan to add cover cropping to our regenerative
practices, which will protect the soil and add green manure and
organic matter to the soil. Which feeds the micro organisms and
microbial life in the soil.

Since we are so small, we focus on making every bit of our garden work for us. We grow
intensively, we choose our crops carefully, planting them closely, and we replant each bed
as many as three to four times a year. Focusing on building our soil supports this level of
production and gives up beautiful, highly nutritious veggies for our family and yours.

We believe that the best way to grow yummy, nutrient dense food, as well as to grow
plants that are resilient against pests and our climate, is to farm organically. While we are
not certified, but we follow organic practices, using only all-natural pest and disease